Essays, aphorisms, quotes and poems

What Welcome Means

A poem - on the meaning of welcome - for Refugee Week

Social Care Car Crash

Why are the severity of the cuts to social care so hard to communicate?

A Socialist Response to Austerity

Barnsley offers us hope of a community that commits to equal citizenship.

How Relevant is the Communist Manifesto Today?

The Communist Manifesto is is 170 years old. It is still relevant?

Where on Earth is Our Welfare State?

A poem on local democracy and welfare.

Welfare State as Wicked Stepmother

It's not the nanny state we've got to worry about; it's something far worse.

Top 10 Tory Injustices: The Price of Austerity

A summary of some of the leading crimes and injustices of Tory Austerity.

Why Inequality Drives Me Crazy

Inequality feeds a false sense of superiority on the part of the powerful.

Interview on Universal Credit

My perspective on the unfolding disaster of Tory (non) welfare reform.