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Simon Duffy

Thoughts, Bemusements & Arguments


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The Atheist and God

6th May 2012

An aphorism

A Poem is a Letter to God

6th May 2012

An aphorism

Justice and Charity

4th May 2012

Weil and Sayers on the vital connection between love and justice.

Human Rights for Disabled People

27th April 2012

Rights are a vital part of civil society and human rights must be realised within existing legal and social structures.

Incentives Can be Badly Misused

26th April 2012

Targets and incentives pervert proper management and undermine trust.

How to Reduce the Risk of Trust

18th April 2012

Thoughts on how to make trust easier and more resilient.

Mexican Salsa Sauce

30th March 2012

My recipe for Mexican salsa.

The Good, Bad & Ugly of Welfare Reform

15th March 2012

This article was originally published in The House Magazine

From Caring Comes Courage

14th March 2012

On the importance of the human heart.

The Disappearance of the Labour Party

13th March 2012

Michael Young imagines the impact of a growing meritocracy.

What does 'God' mean?

12th March 2012

The price of meaningfulness is certainty

Designing with Constraints

11th March 2012

An aphorism

The Benign Dictatorship of Democracy

10th March 2012

Seemingly democratic structures can be corrupted to become despotic and stifling.

Machiavelli on Fair-Weather Friends

8th March 2012

Few talk about loyalty unless they are considering an act of disloyalty.

Athenian Citizenship

7th March 2012

Pericles on the beauty of the Athenian conception of citizenship.

Thought is Like a Ladder

27th February 2012

An aphorism

Taxing Love

26th February 2012

Government can't redistribute love, but it can tax it.

Making the Story True

25th February 2012

We must live our lives with imagination. We must tell and listen to the stories.

Brokered by Love

24th February 2012

Only love can reconcile the need for virtue with the desire for happiness.

The Rich need the Poor

4th February 2012

It is shocking how some of our leaders really think most of us are worthless.

Sufficient unto the Day

3rd February 2012

On "Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof"

Difference evokes Meaning

28th January 2012

The philosopher, and disabled activist, Judith Snow tells us that disability is a gift.

Odysseus and Taxation

23rd January 2012

Disciplines and controls can have value, but we must be wary of not trusting ourselves too little.

Selfishness and the Self

15th January 2012

An aphorism