Essays, aphorisms, quotes and poems

Our Citizenship

A poem to honour the work of PFG Doncaster - the home of true peer support - and a community that knows that "our citizenship begins the moment that we claim it."

Food Banks or Basic Income

The Church needs to embrace Basic Income or be complicit with social injustice.

Colonialism 3.0

The UK is subject to colonial-style rule by its own leaders.

Citizenship and Basic Income

Thoughts on basic income and citizenship.

If the Game is Fixed - Change the Rules

We should treat he results GE2019 as a severe emergency demanding radical action.

Why a New Centre Party Will Fail

Efforts to build a new centre party are doomed to failure.

The True Source of Our Security

True security can only be found in a community of citizens who honour their obligations to each other.

George MacDonald on Heaven and Plurality

George MacDonald (1824-1905) was a Christian who wrote novels, poetry, sermons and fairy tales.

What is Heaven?

The Great Divorce by CS Lewis is a profound reflection on life after death.