Essays, aphorisms, quotes and poems

Equality and the Market

Tackling the myth that markets are the key to productivity.

Living in the Ghetto

Community care is not acceptable if it means creating care ghettos rather than enabling full citizenship.

Can Socialism Reinvent Itself for the 21st Century?

What is socialism really all about? It needs to be reimagined if it is going to connect with our real challenges and what people actually care about.

Why We Are Launching Citizen Network

Why we are launching Citizen Network as a global community for people and organisations who want to create a world where everyone matters.

On The Desire For Citizenship

A poem on the meaning of citizenship.

Is a Pro-Community Welfare State Possible?

Can we reconcile the functions and systems inherent in the welfare state with our desire for richer community lives and greater citizenship?

Why Socrates Would Vote for Corbyn

Honesty in politics is hard and the price paid by politicians who are willing to be honest is often brutal.

Gangster Economics

Gangsterism, not liberalism, better describes the current economic system.

Confusopoly: Lessons for Social Change

Many so-called markets seem purposefully confusing.