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Simon Duffy

Thoughts, Bemusements & Arguments


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Simply an Unfortunate Human Being

23rd October 2013

It is hard to imagine the kind of oppression that makes the camp or the institution welcome.

The Blood Money of Charity or Why Entitlements Matter

The Blood Money of Charity or Why Entitlements Matter

7th October 2013

We should not be afraid of the language of entitlements for entitlements give meaning to the idea of rights.

Dog Fox Field

26th September 2013

Reflections on Les Murray's poem Dog Fox Field

Securing the Good for All

24th September 2013

Reflections on the wisdom of Jane Addams

The Good Samaritan

19th September 2013

Helping our neighbours is always a matter of justice and, as Jesus reminds us, our neighbours are not necessarily those we'd expect.

The Right to be Different

7th September 2013

Political philosophers rarely assert the value of this right - the right to be different.

Everything that Lives is Unique

6th September 2013

Life is freedom and freedom is diversity and the refusal to submit to the order defined by the powerful.

Choosing Good

Choosing Good

5th September 2013

We always have a choice - although sometimes the price is everything.

We are the Rock and Life is the Stream

4th September 2013

An aphorism

Being Different

2nd September 2013

Robert Nozick's reputation as a Right-wing thinker disguises some very interesting observations on the importance of a diversity of values.

Can Citizenship be a Gift?

26th June 2013

The reality of citizenship as a moral ideal may be visible anywhere; but ultimately citizenship demands political, public, recognition.

Equality With or Without Degree

26th June 2013

Reflections on Dante's vision of equality

Cause, Effect and Human Freedom

25th June 2013

Much of the harm, crime and injustice we face has been driven important political decisions. But we must be careful not to forget our capacity for freedom and revolution,

The Duty to Restore People to Their Duties

24th June 2013

Meeting basic need is important, but it is essential to also respect our innate dignity and integrity.

It Is Not a Good Thing To Be a 'Do-It-All.'

23rd June 2013

Independence is a confused goal. We need other people and we need to be free to express ourselves in cooperative action with others.

The Two Meanings of Institution

29th April 2013

Some institutions nurture us in our freedom; others kill our capacity for freedom and replace it with death-like certainty.

Why is Pride the Greatest Sin?

5th April 2013

Dante put Pride at the foot of Mount Purgatory for a good reason; pride is almost impossible to defeat and the root of all evil.

Control First, Plan Later

18th March 2013

More planning always seems like a good idea, but unless you are really in control planning can easily become corrupted.

Justice Requires Liberty

12th February 2013

Justice should include liberty. Our right to live a life that makes sense and is rooted in our own desires, gifts and capacities requires the exercise of personal freedom. The state cannot live our life for us.

Love Needs Reality

11th January 2013

It is not God, love, personhood or the soul that are imaginary. These are the real things.

Love is Born

2nd January 2013

A Christmas poem by Michael Leunig - with thanks to John O'Brien for sharing

Friendship and Love

1st January 2013

Love comes in many forms, but the story of Peter reminds us that God will accept even our weakest love.

But, What Can We Do?

17th December 2012

How can we bring about positive social change when the forces ranged against us seem so strong?

Why Austerity is a Lie (updated)

11th December 2012

Austerity is a lie. Not the cuts - they are real enough - but they idea that any of this is about tightening our belts or managing within newly straightened citicumstances - that's a lie.