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Simon Duffy

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Friendship and Love

1st January 2013

Love comes in many forms, but the story of Peter reminds us that God will accept even our weakest love.

But, What Can We Do?

17th December 2012

How can we bring about positive social change when the forces ranged against us seem so strong?

Why Austerity is a Lie (updated)

11th December 2012

Austerity is a lie. Not the cuts - they are real enough - but they idea that any of this is about tightening our belts or managing within newly straightened citicumstances - that's a lie.

Complicity and the Cuts

26th November 2012

One of the most disappointing features of the period of severe cuts and non-reforms of the welfare state since 2010 has been how many in the public and voluntary sector have been complicit in allowing these harms to be…

The Absurdity of Christian Love

6th November 2012

Christian love is absurd - far too demanding - and that's why we need it.

Can We Be Enchanted by God?

31st October 2012

Whatever the absence of God means it certainly allows for a certain kind of being which his presence would end

There is Humility in Us

There is Humility in Us

30th October 2012

Humility seems so hard. Yet look at the absurdities we humble ourselves before.

What's Wrong with Welfare Dependency?

25th October 2012

Modern societies have developed welfare systems. Their purpose is to create systems of mutual assistance that enable people to avoid toxic dependency on others and to replace it with a healthy welfare dependency.

Our Gifts Are Just Loans

Our Gifts Are Just Loans

22nd October 2012

If I accept that what I might take to me mine was in fact given to me, then I realise I can only use it by also giving it away. I cannot hold on to anything and I cannot look within me to find more.

Telling Truth and Fighting Slander

21st October 2012

When do we tell the truth? How do we fight slander? How do we speak truth to power?

The Star Within Us

The Star Within Us

20th October 2012

A Christmas poem by Joseph Brodsky

Internal Institutions

Internal Institutions

1st October 2012

What are the institutional patterns of thought which dominate our minds from within?

The Difference Between Prison and Institutions

6th September 2012

Institutions are far worse than prisons and yet we have not weaned ourselves from using them to exclude and abuse people. We've not made people aware of how unnecessary this all is.

Action is the Pointer of the Balance

4th September 2012

We must be careful how we try to change and influence each other. Superficial changes in language can create cynicism and undo the possibility of genuine change.

The Absurdity of Injustice

The Absurdity of Injustice

30th August 2012

"the optimist sees injustice as something discordant and unexpected, and it stings him into action. The pessimist can be enraged at wrong; but only the optimist can be surprised at it"

Life is a Gift

29th August 2012

A Christmas poem by Joseph Brodsky

Why We Create Jargon

31st July 2012

Language lets us feel we have connected. Yet we are not always sure and so we invent jargons, idiolects, little groups in which we can feel assured of membership. Yet even this reassurance can feel hollow.

Bureaucracy and Evil

27th July 2012

Evil can grow in many places - but the bureau - the office where no one rules - is particularly prone to create unfeeling harms.

You Can't Overcome Ethics

8th July 2012

We must never lose a sense of our own individual moral responsibility - if we do we stop being human.

The Paradoxical Commandments

7th July 2012

Kent M. Keith & The Roches offer some wise advice on setting sail in this troublesome and paradoxical world.

We are Contradictions

3rd July 2012

A quote from Simone Weil

Two Kinds of Collaboration

2nd July 2012

We can understand why some had to collaborate with the totalitarian regime. But why did so many others join in who had nothing to fear?

Every Statement

1st July 2012

An aphorism

Freedom - It Should Include Everything

18th June 2012

Why - when we are rich beyond the dreams of any earlier generation - are we not free?