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From Cameron to May - The Invisibility of Justice

Politicians of the Left need to make Justice loveable.

Two Conflicting Forms of Neoliberalism

Within the ideals of neoliberalism lurks a greater evil - meritocratic elitism.

Why Is It So Hard? It's Time for Action

We cannot expect to see the changes we want to just emerge, naturally. We need to be willing to act differently.

10 Things I Love About Finland

Reflections on the wonderful Suomi - hyvä maa

Questions about Disability Cuts

Answering questions on welfare reform and disability benefit cuts.

Czars, Commissioners or Just Us?

The idea of super leaders who will come in and get things organised is very attractive, especially when we are in the middle of a crisis. However sometimes we are just kidding ourselves about their potential value.

Anaxaphobia or Who Will Lead?

We have a fear of leadership that is rooted in our own unwillingness to act.

Further Apologies for the Complex RAS

Good ideas can often come unstuck. The complex RAS (Resource Allocation System) was one such idea.