A selection of works by Simon Duffy published by Citizen Network.

Paper: 27.08.23

Redesigning the NDIS

A vision for reforming the NDIS as a regenerative system of support co-designed with people with disabilities.

Paper: 07.11.22

Truth and Citizenship

This Norah Fry lecture explores the conditions necessary for respecting disability rights.

Paper: 06.09.20

Basic Income Plus: Easy Read Version

Basic Income Plus is a radical way to reform benefits by giving everyone enough to live on and ensuring people with extra needs get more.

Paper: 17.07.20

An Introduction to Basic Income Plus

A practical approach for making sure basic income works for disabled people and others who face extra costs.

Paper: 27.09.17

Heading Upstream

Barnsley Council have been redistributing power and resources to local citizens, families and communities.

Paper: 29.11.16

Love and Welfare

There is a spiritual tradition that has been forgotten, which offers us a more positive vision of the welfare state.

Paper: 22.03.16

Citizenship and the Welfare State

Exploring the role of citizenship in the definition and defence of the welfare state.

Paper: 16.01.13

A Fair Society?

Produced for the Campaign for a Fair Society, this report shows how government cuts in the UK target disabled people.

Paper: 30.11.11

A Fair Income

Simon Duffy explains how the tax-benefit system can be reformed to promote citizenship and families.

Paper: 09.04.10

Citizenship Theory

A paper which explores the theoretical foundations of personalisation.