Essays, aphorisms, quotes and poems

The Soul in Dialogue with Time

Thoughts on the nature of the soul.

Let The Power Fall - The Value of Fripp

Thoughts on the wisdom of the great Robert Fripp.

At The Heart of A New Welfare State

A new welfare state must be a welfare state that is easier to defend from injustice.

Clever Clever Tories

An exploration of the successful rhetorical strategies used to undermine social justice by the UK Conservative Party.

The Marriage on the Mountain - Independent Living and Person-Centred Support

There is a gulf that exists between those advocating independent living and those who develop the ideas of person centred planning and inclusion. But it is a gulf that should be bridged.

On the Mountain - Roles or Relationships

Reflections on the We Chose to Climb Conference in Glasgow: True security lies in the quality of our relationships.

Coming Down the Pyramid or How to Give up Power

Reflections on power in social services and how to give it up or make it anew.

Mountains, Pyramids and the Fate of Self-Directed Support

The proper purpose of self-directed support is to ensure that each person can lead a life of meaning and value.

The Self-Sacrificing Gene

The idea of the selfish gene was always very muddled indeed. In fact if any category should be applied to genes it would be self-sacrificing.