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Simon Duffy

Thoughts, Bemusements & Arguments


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Tools Don't Work

10th January 2012

Tools do no work - only human beings do the work

Different People, Equal Joy

9th January 2012

Chuang Tze on the value of diversity

Cultivate Yourself First

8th January 2012

Do we seek power through the agency of the powerful?

If Our Minds are Limited

7th January 2012

Thoughts on the importance of humility in knowledge

Fair Incomes and Welfare Reform

30th December 2011

I outline my early work on basic income.

From Pooling to Differentiation

11th December 2011

Chesterton is the great advocate for the road to social justice less travelled

The Problem of Giving

10th December 2011

We struggle to welcome gifts - unless we see everything as a gift.

Design Requires Deeper Thinking

9th December 2011

Inspiration from Steve Jobs.

Long-shot Utopias

24th November 2011

Christianity and History.

Social Mobility and Meritocracy

24th November 2011

A fable from Rabbi Nachman.

The Value of Stories

23rd November 2011

Inspiration from Hannah Arendt.

The Survival of Justice

22nd November 2011

Aeschylus on justice.

Space Disabled

21st November 2011

The use of the term 'disabled' is complex and disputed.

The Incompetence of the Clever

18th November 2011

Much of society is organised on the principle that we should leave decisions in the hands of those who are most competent to make them.

Citizenship and Higher Purpose

31st October 2011

A quote from Beth Mount the inventor of person-centred planning.

The Medicine We Bring

30th October 2011

It seems that society doesn't always want to take its medicine.

How to Make a Life

29th October 2011

Modern economic and social theory has failed to capture this important dimension of citizenship.

Reflections on William Beveridge

20th October 2011

At the foundation of the welfare state it was clear that Beveridge was under the same pressure to 'patch' as we too have faced ever since he designed it.

Adam Smith on Celebrity

15th October 2011

A quote from the ‘Theory of Moral Sentiments’.

Spartan Tax Rates

11th October 2011

Can we make comparisons today?

On the Mystery of the Incarnation

10th October 2011

With thanks to John O'Brien for sharing this poem.

The Tyranny of the Medianocracy

9th October 2011

Aristotle feared that democracy might become the rule of the mob, the demos. He saw their short-sighted, wilfulness as a threat to good order.

Mohawk Prayer of Thanksgiving

5th October 2011

John O'Brien shared the following Mohawk prayer of thanksgiving.

The Citizen & The Stranger

5th October 2011

An aphorism