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Simon Duffy

Thoughts, Bemusements & Arguments


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Everyone has Their Use

9th July 2011

Thoughts on a Viking poem.

Why God Does Not Reveal Himself

8th July 2011

Hadrian thinks he wants to see God. But he cannot conceive of God as anything but the greatest of idols - something else in the world with power over us.

The Quality of Mercy

7th July 2011

The idea that God must remove the wicked from his sight means that he is prepared to overlook all our sins. This is mercy.

The Gift of Judgement

6th July 2011

We need perspective, communication and a kind of humility in the face of a complex reality which will always somehow escape our grasp.

Little Faith in the Average Man

5th July 2011

What kind of permissions do the leaders of a meritocratic welfare state seek from us before they act?

The Best Donor

4th July 2011

An aphorism.

Democratic Welfare

2nd July 2011

The struggle for democracy offers us a parallel to the struggle for decent welfare reform. Without this struggle political systems tend to autocracy and elitism.

Justice and Mercy

1st July 2011

In the Jewish and Christian tradition we are all too aware that we need God to stop short of the demands of strict justice and that mercy must subdue God's proper wrath.

Adam Smith on Basic Income

Adam Smith on Basic Income

28th June 2011

The ideas of Adam Smith are often far more progressive than you might expect.