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Simon Duffy

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Equality of Opportunity

29th July 2011

When we demand equality we are rightly demanding recognition of our fundamental equality - our essential human dignity or worth.


28th July 2011

Imagine a man who washes up on a desert island. He has all he needs, but then new people arrive on what he thinks of as ‘his island’.

Don't Take Advantage

Don't Take Advantage

26th July 2011

Justice is always best measured from the perspective of the weakest.

Four Kinds of Designer

24th July 2011

There are four kinds of designer or innovator, each with their own style. No style is right; each has its merits and its limitations.

Irony of Education

23rd July 2011

We must see education as the development of what is already innate.

Dignity Comes First

22nd July 2011

Human rights trump property rights says Exodus.

Designing from the Wrong End

Designing from the Wrong End

21st July 2011

The challenge of genuine social innovation and welfare reform is to figure out how to make the 'good idea' be more than a 'good idea'.

Educational Totalitarianism

20th July 2011

Good education implies freedom - faith in the unfolding of human potential.

Crazy Systems

19th July 2011

A crazy system is one that defeats the purpose it was set up to achieve.

Oppression as a Reproach to God

Oppression as a Reproach to God

18th July 2011

Why is it an insult to God to oppress the poor?

Power is a Poison

Power is a Poison

17th July 2011

Solzhenitsyn observes that the poison of power is deadly for those who believe in nothing but themselves.

The Kutuzov Strategy

The Kutuzov Strategy

16th July 2011

Successful social innovation requires an understanding of the fundamental forces at work and the flow of time and history.

The Citizenship Imperative

15th July 2011

Thoughts on Leviticus.

Early American Federalism

Early American Federalism

14th July 2011

Alexis de Tocqueville observes that early American federalism assumed one starts with the small and builds to the large and it was based on religious and moral principles.

Lincoln's Best Sort of Principle

Lincoln's Best Sort of Principle

13th July 2011

Lincoln's "best sort of principle" seems worth remembering, even if it's insufficient on its own.

True Leaders in History

12th July 2011

Lao Tzu's vision of leadership is rooted in a faith in the Tao and this faith is critical to the realisation of true leadership.

Giving as God has Given

11th July 2011

Scripture teaches us that we need to think carefully about both how we give and our need to give.

When Dawn has Arrived

When Dawn has Arrived

10th July 2011

An Hasidic tale.

Everyone has Their Use

9th July 2011

Thoughts on a Viking poem.

Why God Does Not Reveal Himself

8th July 2011

Hadrian thinks he wants to see God. But he cannot conceive of God as anything but the greatest of idols - something else in the world with power over us.

The Quality of Mercy

7th July 2011

The idea that God must remove the wicked from his sight means that he is prepared to overlook all our sins. This is mercy.

The Gift of Judgement

6th July 2011

We need perspective, communication and a kind of humility in the face of a complex reality which will always somehow escape our grasp.

Little Faith in the Average Man

5th July 2011

What kind of permissions do the leaders of a meritocratic welfare state seek from us before they act?

The Best Donor

4th July 2011

An aphorism.