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What is Neoliberalism Good For?

Even many of the extreme advocates of neoliberalism don't really pretend to take their own theory that seriously.

Use and Abuse of Standards

If you regulate systems by exams you end up corrupting educational standards.

The Devolution of Blame

Emilie Whitaker's term "blame devolution" perfectly describes modern management.

What Would Aristotle Make of Modern Britain?

Aristotle would not identify the United Kingdom as any kind of meaningful democracy.

Living Forever

Life of course (by which I also mean death) is designed to balance things out. To allow the new to replace the old.


Measuring has always been political.

The Emptiness Within

To the religious this paradox is resolved through faith and an acknowledgement of the mystery of certain fundamental truths - but to the non-religious this seems like a cop-out.

Diverse People Need Diverse Communities

Dante understood that it is good we are all different; but dangerous that we don't find our true fate.

The First Welfare State

There is nothing 'natural' about the welfare state and it takes work to get a good one.