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Simon Duffy

Thoughts, Bemusements & Arguments


Star Gazing

Why has politics become some thing others do on our behalf? Why have we so cheaply abandoned citizenship and democracy? Why do we only align ourselves to the stars?

The agora is empty;
The streets are too quiet.
We’ve forgotten how to act;
Forgotten how to talk.

We’ve run to the mountains,
To stare at the night,
Gazing up to the heavens,
Faces lifted to dark.

Fearing the end,
But hoping for more,
We are aligning ourselves
With our favourite stars.

We don’t think for ourselves,
Or share our ideals;
We prefer the theatre
And the scripted debate.

We cannot act or decide.
Who can be bothered?
Let’s all take the money
And run.

But the empty streets call out
For the demos that deserted them.
Neighbours await to find
They’re the neighbour they’re missing.

The agora calls out for
Action and meaning,
For us citizens to find
We’ve been here all the time.