The following lessons are shared by experts in inclusive education – committed to ensuring that disabled children play a full part in classrooms, schools and the whole educational experience.

  1. Teach people to get enjoyment from all their senses! – We have many senses and many ways of learning
  2. Feed the need! – If we really feel a need to learn, explore and experiment then that’s where attention should go
  3. Let one system or domain support another! – We are not all good at everything, so let strengths in one area support the developments in others
  4. Don’t hurt, it must be fun! – We don’t learn when we’re in pain – physical or mental
  5. Compensate and let development come where it may! – We don’t all grow and develop at the same pace nor in the same areas
  6. Keep it cheap, fresh and novel! – Education should be fun for everyone – especially teachers (after all – its their job)

Food for thought for all of us at every stage of life.