A diversification among human communities is essential for the provision of the incentive and material for the Odyssey of the human spirit. Other nations of different habits are not enemies: they are godsends. Men require of their neighbours something sufficiently akin to be understood, something sufficiently different to provoke attention, and something great enough to command admiration.

A N Whitehead

The Odyssey of the Human Spirit may seem rather grand to modern ears. But it is a wonderful perspective on human existence.

We take diversity for granted. We do not understand how valuable are the differences between us. If we imagine stripping away the dimensions of human diversity we find that we will be left with an empty shell – nothing of value. Contra John Lennon we need our countries, our languages, diverse skills, diverse needs, different perspectives, different histories, genders and different bodies.

We know that each of us are not complete in ourselves – we each need the difference of one another.